About House of Dad

We love to laugh at House of Dad. We make comfortable t-shirts that feel like sitting in your favorite chair on a lazy Sunday. Our shirts are for all dads. New dads who are learning, dads who have seen everything. Even people who are like dads to the kids in their life.

Our shirts are about the funny things that happen when you're a dad. They show that being a dad is cool, but you don't always have to be serious. Our shirts are perfect for dads who like to BBQ, relax, or just be silly.

Dads are great because they can do so many things. They can change diapers, tell great stories, and even drive a minivan. Dads can have tea parties and watch sports; they are still awesome!

If you're looking for a gift for your dad, or you want to tell a dad he's great, you're in the right place. Our shirts are like a big high-five for dads. They're fun, cool, and all about being a great dad.

Come join us and pick out a fun t-shirt! Our shirts are all about being a dad and having a good laugh. At HouseOfDad.com, being a dad is the best; we celebrate it with every shirt we make.

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