Cool Dad T-Shirts for All Occasions

Funny t-shirts for dads who say they don't want anything, but you still want to get them some cool dad clothes - especially if it's a good deal!

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Have a dad who's hard to buy a gift for?

Allow us to suggest one or two of our funny dad gifts as the perfect gift for the dad who has everything. They pair beautifully with his favorite jeans, best cargo shorts, and/or his beloved Crocs.

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  • Keelyn S.

    Excellent quality t-shirts with hilarious phrases!!

  • Debbie L.

    I received my first purchase from House of Dad last week and the printing looks great! I'll definitely be buying more shirts.

  • Susan D.

    Fast shipping and very high quality shirt. I am delighted with my purchase!

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Welcome to House Of Dad -- Funny T-shirts for Dads

Looking for dad clothes that hit the mark? You've landed in the right spot. Our dad t-shirts are all about mixing a bit of fun with a lot of comfort. They're perfect for any guy who's ever told a dad joke, flipped a burger, or fixed a boo-boo. We've got a funny shirt collection that's as versatile as it is hilarious, ready for dads who like to keep it laid-back and laugh-out-loud.

Straight-Up Comfort and Style

Our t-shirts are for dads who don't take themselves too seriously but want to look good. They're ideal for hanging out, working out, or just going about dad business. And when it comes to dad gifts funny enough to get a genuine chuckle, we've got you covered with our t-shirts.

Not Just for Father's Day

Our collection at features Father's Day shirts that will make his day special, but our t-shirts are also perfect for the holidays, or any occasion as a way to celebrate Dad. Why wait for a special day to show some appreciation? Our funny T-shirts are fun all year round.

Quality That Lasts

We know dads get into all sorts of things, so our dad t-shirts will last. They can handle playtime, DIY time, and lounge time – basically, all the times that make being a dad the best. They're durable, don't fade, and stay soft – wash after wash.

For Every Kind of Dad

At, we cater to every dad out there. Whether you're the family comedian, the DIY guru, or an outdoorsman, we've got something for you. Our range of funny clothing is about celebrating dad in all his forms – without the clichés.

Get Your Dad On

Ready to find your new favorite shirt? Check out our selection and add some extra fun to your wardrobe. We're here to make shopping for dad clothes easy, with a side of good humor. Welcome to your dad's house – where every day celebrates dad's life.

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