Local dad frantically trying to remember all his best restaurant jokes as lockdown ends

Dad Restaurant jokes

As a long year in quarantine comes to an end and restaurants begin to reopen, dads everywhere are dusting off their best dad jokes in anticipation of a triumphant return to their favorite casual-dining chain restaurant. 

If you know, you know, but for dads who don't know, here are a few gems to get you started. 

  • When the host or hostess asks if they can get your name, say sure, but don't you already have one?
  • When you're eating, and the server asks if they can get you anything else, it's funny if you say yeah, a million dollars!
  • After literally licking your plate, when they ask how your meal was, be sure to say terrible as you hand them the empty plate. 
  • When they walk up with the check, point to one of your kids and say she's got this one. Bonus points if you can work in a crack about the possibility of your kid washing dishes to satisfy the bill. 
  • Make sure you ask What's the damage? out loud as you look at the bill. 
  • And finally, ask your family if they're ready to rock n' roll when it's time to leave.

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