If there was ever one of those stupid holidays a dad could get behind, it's today: National Nacho Day

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It’s impossible to be certain of such a thing, but nachos are probably the single favorite snack in the House of Dad world.

While it seems the delicious snack has just always been with us throughout the course of human history, nachos are actually a relatively recent culinary invention. Nacho cheese somehow wasn’t even invented until the 1970’s.

We mention this because today is the wonderfully named National Nacho Day. So, go make a plate of nachos, and enjoy these fun facts about everyone’s favorite snack.

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Key Moments in Nacho History

1943 - Nachos Are Invented

Ignacio Anaya first feeds his group of hungry guests at the Victory Club, the restaurant across the Rio Grande River from Texas

1970s - Texas Rangers Push the Snack

Frank Liberto begins selling nachos at Arlington Stadium, home of the Texas Rangers, and the snack catches on after he invents nacho cheese sauce

1975 - Ignacio Anaya Dies

The inventor of nachos dies and a plaque is erected in his honor in Piedras Negras, with October 21 declared International Day of the Nacho

International Day of the Nacho Infograph

Source: NationalToday.com.

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