Leave Barron Trump Alone, His T-shirts Are Awesome

Barron Trump T-shirt

It seems young Barron Trump caught some flack yesterday for dressing like he was on his way to “see a movie”. The Daily Caller website ripped into his wardrobe choices after photos showed him returning to the White House in a t-shirt. Apparently they think he should “dress the part” and wear a suit or something.

From the Daily Caller:

Barron is the youngest son of Donald Trump and the only child the president shares with Melania Trump. Time and time again Barron has proved that he’s just a normal 11-year-old kid, despite the fact that his dad is the President of the United States and he lives in the White House. One thing that isn’t normal though is the way he dresses when he joins his parents for a public appearance…

His dad is always looking dapper and his mom has become a worldwide fashion icon since becoming first lady. The youngest Trump doesn’t have any responsibilities as the president’s son, but the least he could do is dress the part when he steps out in public.

Obviously we think Barron’s t-shirts are great, and what’s more, you said it yourselves, Daily Caller — he’s an 11-year old kid for crying out loud. The fact that your parents made you dress up for church 40 years ago is irrelevant. Barron looks and dresses like any other kid his age in this country.

Say what you will about Donald Trump's politics, we're fans of anyone who loves a great t-shirt. Keep on with the awesome t-shirts, Barron, we’re hoping someday to see you wearing one of ours.

Image: Business Insider

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