Father's Day Gift Ideas: The Definitive List

Father's Day Gift Ideas: The Definitive List

Here is your definitive list of Father's Day gift ideas to get dad exactly what he wants, whether he knows what he wants or not.

Father's Day is right around the corner and we're here to tell you that it isn't hard or expensive to make dad feel like a million bucks on his special day. And the best part is there is nothing on our list that you have to make or even order from Amazon. 

All of these Father's Day gift ideas can -- and indeed should -- be sourced from local, independent shops. After all, with everything going on these days, those shops are hurting way more than Amazon. (But that's veering off into another post.) We offered our favorites in each category from the St. Louis area, but if you aren't from here, we set up a link that will search for an independent store from each category wherever you are. (Computer magic, eh?)

Father's Day Gift Idea list:

Anyway, here is a list of cool things you can get dad that should all still be available in these crazy times. There's something on here for every taste. And all of these options should allow for gift cards, if for example you know he loves coffee, but are unsure of his favorite blend.

By the way, there's nothing impersonal about a gift card, especially if you're unsure of his exact favorite or he's the type of guy that likes to try new things. 

 Kaldi's Coffee Father's Day Git Idea


Beer - Father's Day Git Idea




meat Father's Day Git Idea


lawn equiment Father's Day Git Idea

Lawn Equipment

power tools Father's Day Git Idea

Power Tools

Spices Father's Day Git Idea

Spices and Hot Sauce

A House of Dad Shirt or Gift Card 

Let us know if you took any of these suggestions and how they went over, or if you have any ideas to add to the list. Happy Father's Day.

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