Dad Fashion is So Hot Right Now

Dad fashion

So it turns out that my taste in clothing, what you might call the standard-issue dad uniform — khakis, dad shirts, and sensible dad sneakers — are the latest fashion sensation according to the Wall Street Journal.

I, for one, am not surprised to hear that my look is all the rage. While I do come strictly from the utility end of the spectrum, it makes logical sense that people would eventually gravitate towards functional clothing.

So as it turns out, the fact that all my pants are khaki makes me very fashion-forward.

Across the men’s style scene, dressing like a stereotypical suburban dad has become au courant. “The whole dad trend is noticeable,” said Chris Green, the divisional merchandise manager at retailers Totokaelo and Need Supply Co. in New York, “You see guys dressing like dads with the bigger sneakers, baggy pants, big shirts and oversize track jackets. I’m surprised Members Only jackets haven’t come back huge yet.”

I don’t know what “au courant” means but I assume it’s good.

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